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In the 1990s, the Archivio di Stato di Torino signed up to the Ministry Project “Imago2”, and embarked on the first of a long series of digitalisation campaigns designed to acquire in digital format the entire map and cadastral collection conserved by the Institute.

The digitalisation process, entrusted initially to the Elsag s.p.a. company, resulted in the digital reproduction of the principal map collections of the Sezione "Corte" of Piazza Castello 209: C Topographical maps of the Geneva area, Topographical maps for A and B, Secret Topographical Maps, Topographical Maps Series III, Royal Palaces and other Royal buildings, and General Staff Topographical Office. A second digitalisation campaign, also entrusted to Elsag, produced the digital images of some of the map series in the Sezioni Riunite, in particular: Drawings annexed to 18th century licences, Drawings annexed to 19th century licences, War and Navy maps and drawings, Collection of albums and drawings related to the Ministry of War, Savoia-Carignano Household (partial), and Section II maps and drawings (partial).

The images, which Elsag produced in JPEG format at 250 dpi, underwent pyramidisation which made it possible to lower the overall weight of the image, which would have been difficult for the computers of the time to manage, without lowering the quality level.

The Archivio di Stato di Torino purchased two Metis Drs machines for its Photo-reproduction Laboratory, scanners capable of acquiring papers, books and documents in high resolution even in very large formats, and was thus able to automatically reproduce digital files for its own collection of maps and other material.

New digitalisation campaigns were undertaken, with ministerial funding and generous contributions from private Organisations and Foundations, particularly the Compagnia di San Paolo, and these made it possible to conclude the digital acquisition of the map fonds of the Sezioni Riunite (Tipi Sezione II, Azienda Savoia-Carignano, Casa di Sua Maestà, Tipi Articolo 663, Tipi Articolo 664, Tipi Articolo 665, Tipi Articolo 666, Tipi Articolo 668, Tipi Articolo 736, Tipi Duca di Genova, Disegni del Genio Civile, Tipi Strade Ferrate), and to undertake the acquisition of the cadastral records (Catasto Sabaudo, Catasto Teresiano, Catasto Francese, Catasto Rabbini), which is still under way.

It is now possible to consult most of the maps and cadastres in digital form, via the Internet or on the spot in the reading rooms of the Archivio di Stato di Torino, with frequent updating of the material available to scholars, with the dual advantage of the convenience of consultation for users and the preservation of the originals for the Archives.

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