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Modern day European peace treaties

The Europäische Friedensverträge der Vormoderne (Early modern European peace treaties) project was conceived by the Institut für Europäische Geschichte (Institute of European History) of Mainz.
The purpose of the project is to bring reproductions of the main modern day European international peace treaties from 1450 to 1789, together in a single Internet site.

The Archivio di Stato di Torino has contributed to the project, making available and microfilming the international peace treaties entered into by the Duchy of Savoy first and later by the Kingdom of Sardinia.

The modern day European peace treaties project offers several possible ways of exploring the texts at different levels: from the initial display of pictures of the originals to analysis by icons. The pictures displayed originate from microfilm transformed into TIFF and JPEG images, or directly from scans of the originals.

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