We hereby notify researchers that, following Decree Law no. 221 of 24th December 2021, from January 10 2022 access to the study halls of the Turin State Archives will be permitted exclusively to persons in possession of a valid reinforced COVID-19 Green Certificate (“Super Green Pass”). Information on how to obtain the Super Green Pass is available here.

In accordance with current directives stipulating pandemic containment measures, all visitors must wear a face mask for the duration of their visit, pass body temperature control and use provided hand sanitizer.

For opening hours click here.

Our online booking system, turned off during the pandemic, will be back online on Friday, October 29th. If you are planning a research, please note that a registration is required: please login or fill out the admission request form for the current year, then browse our catalogue to get to the documents of interest.

Booking time-slots are available as follows:

  • 9 am: 3 items can be provided only if researchers have submitted a request by 4pm on the day before the planned visit;
  • 11 am: researchers can receive 3 items in case a) they have retourned all pieces previously provided by 10.30 am; b) they have sent their request after 4pm on the day before the planned visit; c) they wish to book items on the day of the planned visit and have no units already assigned.

Units must be consulted one at a time; researchers can keep them for subsequent visits for a maximum of three weeks.